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HesGoal Tv App is one among many sports apps for sports enthusiasts to choose from when it comes to streaming their favorite games. One such platform that has been making waves in the sports streaming industry is the HesGoal App. This app is designed to provide users with live streams of various sports events, with a particular focus on football. But what makes the HesGoal Tv App stand out from the crowd? Let's dive in and find out.

Features of HesGoal Tv App

The HesGoal Tv App is packed with features designed to enhance your sports streaming experience. The app offers live streams of various sports events, with a particular focus on football. You can watch matches from leagues all over the world, including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and more.

In addition to live streams, the app also provides other football-related content, such as news, analysis, and highlights. This makes the HesGoal Tv App a one-stop-shop for all your football streaming needs.


HesGoal APK Specifications

Developer: HesGoal App
Latest Version: 3.1.0
APK Size: 13.40 MB
Compatibility: Version 5.0 and above
Rating: 4.72 out of 5 (based on 3700 ratings)
Downloads: Over 790,000
Last Update: A day ago
Content Rating: Everyone
Price : Free
App Description: Live streaming of major football leagues, highlights, live scores, etc.
Additional Features: Betting tips, daily sports news, match previews, and predictions
Permissions Required: 3 permissions
Number of Libraries: 47

What is the HesGoal Tv App?

The HesGoal Tv App is a sports streaming application that offers a wide variety of live and pre-recorded football matches from leagues all over the world, including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and more. Additionally, HesGoal also provides streams of other popular football-related programming, such as news, analysis, and highlights.

HesGoal Tv App Interface

One of the best features of HesGoal is its user-friendly interface. The app is easy to navigate, with a clean and simple design that makes it easy to find the content you're looking for. The app also has a search bar to find the specific match or league you are looking for with ease. With the app available for both Android and iOS, it's easy to download and start streaming on your phone or tablet.

How to Download HesGoal Tv App for Android and iPhone

To download the HesGoal Tv App on your Android device, you can simply visit the Google Play Store and search for the app. Once you find it, click on the 'Install' button, and the app will be downloaded and installed on your device.

For iPhone users, the process is slightly different. Since the HesGoal Tv App is not available on the Apple App Store, you will need to download the app from a third-party source. Be sure to only download the app from trusted sources to avoid any potential security risks.

HesGoal App Installation Guide

To install an app like HesGoal App from third-party app markets on an Android device, follow these steps:

  • Enable Unknown Sources: Go to your device's Settings, select Security or Privacy, and enable the option for installing apps from unknown sources.
  • Download HesGoal APK File: Visit the third-party app market website and download the APK file for the app.
  • Find the Downloaded File: Open your file manager and locate the downloaded APK file.
  • Install the App: Tap on the APK file and select 'Install'. The app will begin installing.
  • Launch the App: Once installed, open the app from your app drawer.

Once the app is installed and working properly, remember to turn off the permission to install apps from unkown sources. For simplicity, We provided installation guide on the screenshot shown below. Remember, downloading apps from third-party sources can be risky, so ensure you trust the source and have adequate security measures in place on your device.

Score808-APK Installation-step

Security Note

When downloading apps from third-party app markets, it's crucial to be aware of security risks. These platforms often lack the stringent security measures of official app stores, which increases the likelihood of encountering malware or fraudulent apps. You should exercise caution, ensure that the source is reputable, and consider the potential risks. Always review app permissions carefully and avoid providing unnecessary access to personal data. Remember, prioritizing security can greatly reduce the risk of compromising your device and personal information.

HesGoal App Download for PC

For those who prefer to use HesGoal on a larger screen, you can download the HesGoal app for PC. To do this, you'll need to use an Android emulator, which allows you to run Android apps on your PC. Once you've installed the emulator, you can download the HesGoal APK and use it on your computer.

HesGoal App User Experience

The user experience of the HesGoal App is one of its strongest points. The app is designed to be easy to use, with a simple and clean interface that makes it easy to find the content you're looking for. The app also offers a variety of features to enhance your streaming experience, including live streams.

Google Play Rankings

Score808 App is not ranked on play store. It is unavailable on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

HesGoal App Alternatives

While HesGoal is a fantastic app for streaming live football matches, it's always good to have alternatives. One popular alternative is Yalla TV, known for its extensive coverage of Middle Eastern football leagues and tournaments. Another alternative is Live Football TV, which offers streams of matches from a variety of leagues and competitions, including the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and more.


HesGoal is a great option for football fans looking for a reliable and user-friendly streaming app. With a wide variety of content, high-quality streams, and a user-friendly interface, it's a great choice for anyone looking to stay up to date with the latest matches and news. But if you're looking for an alternative, there are several other options available, such as Yalla TV and Live Football TV. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which app best suits your needs and preferences. Give HesGoal a try and see for yourself!


FAQs on HesGoal App

What is Hesgoal, How it works?

Hesgoal is a popular online platform known for streaming live sports events, primarily football (soccer), without the need for a subscription. Here's a general overview of how it works and some considerations:

Is HesGoal Tv App Safe?

While we can't guarantee the safety of any app, the HesGoal Tv App has been tested and has worked for many users. However, as with any app downloaded from third-party sources, there's always a risk of potential security issues. Therefore, it's important to download the app from trusted sources and keep it updated to the latest version.

Is HesGoal App Free?

Yes, HesGoal is a free app and requires no subscription to access all its features and live matches. However, the app offers a variety of subscription options to suit different needs and budgets.

Can I watch Hesgoal from anywhere in the world?

Hesgoal, like many other streaming websites (footybite, plentypass, kooralive, yallashoot e.t.c.), may have geo-restrictions in place due to various reasons

Is HesGoal App available on smart TVs?

Yes, , Hesgoal is available on smart TVs. The text mentions, Hesgoal is a modern streaming website and it is compatible with a wide range of streaming devices like… smart TVs… So, if you have a smart TV in your home, you can… use Hesgoal on your smart TV.

Is Hesgoal Working on FireStick?

Absolutely, Hesgoal is a modern streaming application and it is compatible with a wide range of streaming devices like Android and iOS devices, smart TVs, Apple TV, FireStick, and many others." So, yes, Hesgoal is compatible with and works on FireStick.

How to download Hesgoal App on FireStick?

If you're looking to install the Hesgoal application on your FireStick, here's a step-by-step guide. Remember you have to install HesGoal App APK from a trusted APK sharing sites like Dream Apps Market, App Soko or Dream Apps official website.

  • 1. Allow Apps from Unknown Sources:

Before you can install third-party apps on FireStick, you need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources.

  • Go to your FireStick home screen.
  • Navigate to "Settings" (usually on the top menu).
  • Choose "My Fire TV" or "Device".
  • Click on "Developer options".
  • Toggle on "Apps from Unknown Sources".

2. Install a Downloaded HesGola App:

  • FireStick doesn't allow direct browsing, so install an app like "Downloader" from the Amazon Store.
  • Once installed, open "Downloader".

3. Download Hesgoal APK:

  • In the Downloader app, enter the URL where you found the Hesgoal apk or search for it.
  • Once you locate the Hesgoal apk file, click on it to download.

4. Install Hesgoal App APK:

  • After downloading the apk file via the Downloader app, a prompt will appear.
  • Click on "Install".
  • Once the installation is completed, you'll see a confirmation message.

5. Use Google Home App:

  • Navigate to the Google Home application on your FireStick.
  • Upon opening, a list of FireStick devices will appear.
  • Select your specific FireStick device.

The Hesgoal application should now be accessible and open through this method.

6. Stream Your Favorite Content:

With Hesgoal App now installed on your FireStick, you can begin streaming live sports or other content as offered by the application.

Note: Always be cautious when installing third-party applications. Make sure you are not infringing on copyrights or violating any terms of service. Additionally, considering the potential risks associated with downloading apps from unknown sources, it's also wise to have security measures in place, such as a VPN, to protect your device and data. Also, make sure to dowload HesGoal app from well known and trusted sources like HesGoal App Website.

What leagues and competitions are available on the Hesgoal app?

Generally, free streaming websites tend to show a mix of popular leagues and competitions from around the world, and hesgoal is no exceptional. Here are some of the popular leagues on hesgoal:

  1. English Premier League
  2. La Liga
  3. Serie A
  4. Bundesliga
  5. Ligue 1
  6. UEFA Champions League
  7. UEFA Europa League
  8. FIFA World Cup
  9. Copa America
  10. CONCACAF Gold Cup

Keep in mind that the availability of leagues and competitions on hesgoal websites can change over time, and sometimes may only offer a limited selection of leagues. Sometimes they may also only show a selection of matches instead of all the matches of a league.

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